Progression of the
Scratchboard Art Piece
"Pier Bridge of Newport, New Hampshire "

I took a series of photos of Pier Bridge which is in the woods of Newport, New Hampshire. Most photos contained way too many trees to show off the bridge. I selected specific trees to remain in the art piece.

I used Saral paper to draw a light colored outline onto the black-coated clayboard ("scratchboard").

I generally start scratching where there is a bright section in a piece. The bridge rooftop was the perfect place to begin this piece.


Here the bridge foundation and bright rocks are scratched in. Some tree bark highlights were also added. The beginnings of depth perception can be sensed.

Here the sky begins to develop by scratching the sky through overhead branches. I scratched most of the sky while the piece was oriented upside down.

When using photographs for reference then the piece can be scratched right side up, upside down or even sideways. You scratch what you see.

Here the remainder of the bridge foundation and water reflections are added.

More details are added to the right and left foreground and also more bark highlights.

Finally the piece is complete.

When does one know when to stop working on a piece? Certainly there could be even more details added. I generally decide that a piece is done when I feel more details would add little or no interest.